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Pastrami Bagel

Pastrami Bagel

“Bagel” is a sandwich suitable for many gourmet inventions, highly used in Northen Europe and all United States. It became a part of italian cuisine as well, thanks to its delicious ring shape and tasty paste. We can find various kinds of bagel in the Fine Food Group Catalogue, with various types of seed.


Cut the bagel in half and roast it on the plate. Finely cut the pastrami; overlay the slices and roast them on both sides.

Compose the bagel starting with ranch sauce, add the pastrami, overlay a layer of caramelized onions (red or white, as you please), and as a final touch, fresh sprouts.

If the season allows it, you can insert a few slices of grilled zucchini instead of caramelized onions, like in the picture.



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