American, Tex-Mex e Fusion: this is our fine food

For food services, from major chains to the smallest local outlets, Fine Food Group imports and delivers selected food products, for ethnic, mexican, american and Tex-Mex cuisine, following the client with a complete professional advice.

Relying on our nationally extended net, you will have tomorrow’s ideas at your disposal for today, to assure you a consistent organization and a perfectly defined profile and menu selections.

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Cannery Row, the American traditional sauces

The American tradition of seasoning burgers, salads and meat dishes with sauces goes beyond the...

Our new super-hero!

Look close: are you there? :-D Leggi tutto

Pulled cooked: taste and newness

“Pulled” is a slow cooking method from the American tradition, more precisely from the south...


Avocado Burger

Super tasty! It unleashes the chef’s imagination!

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