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Thanks for avocado

Thanks for avocado

Nature gives us precious gifts: avocado is one of these

It is not just a delicious fruit, but it has many, many, qualities that make it unique.

The first thing that comes to our mind is how avocado is perfect for keeping us in shape. This makes it a great food for summer when, at the right point of maturation, avocado acquires an incomparable taste.

It is considered a slimming food even if it is full of fats, because they are unsaturated, and can speed your metabolism up. Also, being sodium-free, it does not retain liquids in the body. It is naturally rich in antioxidant substances, so it keeps us thin and even young!

It goes without saying that it is an exceptional food for those who are following a vegan or vegetarian diet.

But avocado is also full of qualities that make it a good ally for your health: it keeps cholesterol low, it balances blood pressure, it is rich in folic acid that is precious during pregnancy and to prevent heart disease. It is indicated for those suffering from diabetes and it can help the body to inhibit cancer cells in prostate cancer.

We could go on with the list, but it seems enough.

Let’s go back thinking about how avocado is suitable for a million recipes!



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